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PolyOne Corp.Robert M. Patterson has PolyOne poised for sustained success

The simple iPhone case, a product that has become ubiquitous in today’s hyper-connected, social media-obsessed society, is an illustration of how far PolyOne Corp. has come in the past decade.

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Robert M. Patterson has PolyOne poised for sustained...

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Tom Walker revs up Columbus’ entrepreneurial ecosystem at Rev1 Ventures

Tom Walker uses the ingredients on hand to help Rev1 Ventures shift from being a resource for many to having a laser focus on startups.

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Tom Walker revs up Columbus’ entrepreneurial...

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On the right trackBob Bauer shifts the focus from products to solutions at L.B. Foster

As L.B. Foster switches its business model, Bob Bauer shares how the company is seizing its opportunities and setting up for another 100 years of success.

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Bob Bauer shifts the focus from products to solutions...

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National Interstate Insurance Co.National Interstate’s new headquarters is a monument to workforce development

National Interstate’s new headquarters may look like just any old building from the outside. But inside, it’s designed to make the specialty auto insurer an employer of choice in Northeast Ohio.

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National Interstate’s new headquarters is a monument...


Attorney-client privilege: what it is, what it protects, and when it’s broken

Semanoff Ormsby Greenberg & Torchia, LLC's Ashleigh M. Morales discusses the attorney-client privilege and common ways clients accidentally waive it.

How an M&A deal can go sideways and what to do about it

Kreischer Miller's Richard Snyder diagnoses M&A pitfalls and offers preparations ahead of negotiations can help buyers and sellers avoid them.

A look at the decisions that go into funding large capital purchases

Westfield Bank's Krista J. Dobronos talks about the options manufacturers have to fund large capital purchases.

Areas of risk in 401(k) plans that expose companies to audits, litigation

Brouse McDowell's Patrick J. Egan explores the aspects of plan management companies tend to miss and the risks that creates.

How to put your company in the best position to raise capital

There’s an appetite for investments, especially in Ohio's big cities. Michael Stevenson of Clarus Partners explains how you can raise capital at different stages of your company’s life cycle.